Quickly create and embed interactive charts.

Just paste in a basic data set, select a few options, and you’re ready to embed an interactive chart without ever leaving your CMS. There’s no need for a data scientist, developer, or designer. Even better, it’s a free, open-source application that can be integrated into any CMS.

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Control your own data

Relying on an external service to host your charts and data can be…unreliable. With Simplechart, it’s all under your control.

Customizable defaults

Pre-configuring a custom color palette and other options can improve your team’s workflow and maintain visual consistency.

Not just for WordPress

Simplechart has a WordPress plugin ready to activate, but it’s designed for integration with any CMS.

Charts as media

Simplechart data is stored locally, so it’s easy to embed a chart just like you would an image.

Built for today and beyond

Simplechart is AMP-ready and uses up-to-date JavaScript tools like ES2015, React, and Webpack.

Free and open-source

Use Simplechart however you want and contribute back if you like it!

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Simplechart is a project of Alley Interactive. We are strategists, researchers, designers, and developers who create digital solutions for large-scale digital publishers including news organizations and non-profit institutions.